Lucca Soccer, the football clubs of Lucca

Lucca Football Club, the name by which he was appointed the football club Lucca at the time of its foundation back in 1905.

Its founding fathers are recognized in the names of Victor and Guido Menesini who return from Brazil, decided to bring in their city this new game. Around 1924 the company was recognized definition of the U. S. Lucchese Libertas.

Twenty Years

He began as an escalation of successes in 1920 that brought the team to win the Cup Regional, promotion in series B and the convening of the National in two-pin diamond Ernesto Bonino and Johnny Moscardini.

Thirty years

The real targets, however, came with the thirties when the Lucchese arrives in league with Mr Della Santina, the then president, and technical Egri Erbstein. These were the golden years for a team that from the bottom was successful in a short time to climb the highest rankings, thanks to players who became real to emerge and that we still remember how the samples in the panorama of Italian football . Wear the shirt rossonera people like Aldo Olivieri, world champion in Paris, Antonio Perduca, Lazzaroni, Petri, Sher, and Pescina Cup. The successes in league lasted three consecutive seasons but then the team suffered a serious decline further behind in a short time in serieB.


After the Second World War all the clubs were seeking their own revenge. The Lucca was refounded in 1945 and took part in some of the former players who had competition in previous years including Bonino and Battaglini.
Was restored the attitude of the leadership and was elected president Antonio Fontana reported that the company Della Santina. Thus, under the direction of Hungarian technical Czing, in just over three years, the Lucchese regain the series A.
In 1935 was inaugurated the stadium in Porta Elisa and the team was to come to terms with the company's strongest moment as Milan, Roma, Inter, Genoa, Lazio and Fiorentina. These are the best years for the rossoneri making use of samples of the caliber of Nichelino and Bertuccelli, and the famous bomber Ugo Conti.
Under the chairmanship of Umberto Paradoxes come in the first team names as foreign Toth and Frandsen. The success of the team will end after two consecutive spareggi against Triestina is forced to go back again in B.


Relegation that cost much to society because in the years to come following the total collapse ending in even IV series. Thanks to a repechage team raised again in C but the years of success now seem to sunset. The legal Frezza trying to seize the situation and provides the technical society emerging Leo Zavatti. Under his leadership seems again a glimmer of hope for a team that succeeds again in 1961, to tap the B series, but the idyll is short and relegation to the D is imminent.


The situation worsens because begin to leave the team players, managers and coaches themselves. In 1978, under the guidance of Romeo Ancoetani back in series B and rossoneri beginning to regain some successes. Then comes the total failure, relegation and the crisis of society.

Years Eighty

It 's just in the eighties that the situation seems to rebalance. After a series of victories in C2, the promotion division and the consequent conquest of the Coppa Italia C, the Lucchese seems to rediscover the form that once made him one of the most competitive teams in Italy. All this had the Lucchese him to a single name Corrado Orrico that in two years was a formation that still remained in annals of society. Names like Donatelli, Simonetta, Russian, Monaco, Giusto and the legendary Roberto Paci bomber will remain forever in the hearts of fans more attached to rossoneri.


The nineties are those who see a Lucchese military for several seasons in Serie B, and when it seems possible to arrive back in the three consecutive defeats. Many big names among coaches and players in this period, first of all Ct of the former National Marcello Lippi. The Lucca, however, is yet to downgrade and the series C is upon us.


Today, under the chairmanship of the Lucchese Fouzi Hadj play in the championship series C1 / B and now has to a considerable second place as Gallipoli, Crotone and Ancona and who knows if in the next few seasons back not to climb the highest peaks.