The province of Lucca, information for tourists!

From the banks of the river Serchio to the peaks of the Alps, there are two major areas of greatest relevance of the territory of Lucca: the municipalities enshrined in the mountainous area of Valle del Serchio and those who overlook the Versilia and boasting a coastline from Torre del Lago Puccini extending up to Forte dei Marmi.

The Province other than the capital Lucca, others thirty-five common.

Geographical data

Region: Tuscany
Location: Central Italy
Sup. Territorial: 1772.81 sq. km
Average Height: 336.86 SML
Maximum altitude: 2054 SML

Demographic data

Number common: 35
Density: 372.244
Male: 178.299
Female: 193.945
Families: 146,118.

List of municipalities Province:

Lucca, Viareggio, Capannori, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Massarosa, Seravezza, Bathgate, Barga, Forte dei Marmi, Chislehurst, Porcari, Castelnuovo Garfagnana, Coreglia Antelminelli, Monte Carlo, Gallicano, Pescaglia, Piazza al Serchio, Minucciano, Camporigiano, Pieve Fasciana , Castiglione di Garfagnana, Villa Basilica, San Romano in Garfagnana, Villa Basilica, Malazzana, Vagli di Sotto, Fosciandora, Vergemoli, Sillano, Giuncugnano, Careggine, factories Vallico.

As riguardal'ubicazione, Lucca, with its province are in a fairly central position in Tuscany. Lucca is bordered by the following provinces: Phrae (EMR), Modena (EMR), Massa Carrara, Pistoia, Florence and Pisa.

Thanks to its rich historical heritage and artististico hosts millions of visitors who have the opportunity to visit churches, museums, buildings and tunnels Art.

The city not only boasts a rich artistic heritage but is now an important role in business and in businnes, with particular reference to the Production of the Charter which are one of the major pillars for the city.

The province then, in particular the region of Versilia, plays a major role in the areas of tourism and boat. Bathing facilities it houses, hotel rooms and known throughout the nation, not to mention the shipyards to the province which provide an international reputation.

For lovers of food instead of Lucca the hinterland offers wine routes such as those held annually in the municipalities of Monte Carlo and Camaiore and the opportunity to enjoy all the flavors typical of Tuscany.

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