Cultural Asscociazioni in Lucca, information for tourists!

Here is a list of key cultural associations and public protection spread on the territory of Lucca province.

Movement of National Defense

Mdc born in 1987 in Rome by the will of parties and trade unions to promote the protection of citizens' rights, together with tools necessary for their assistance in the working world and beyond. Operating in different locations, MDC is collaborating with Legambiente with the main Italian associations.

Lucca, Via Vittorio Emanuele 14.


Cultural Association which operates a non-profit for the dissemination of 'contemporary art. Prometheus aims to develop and promote events and dialogues that they scaturiscono.Organizza conferences and seminars, guided tours but also seeking the attention of young artists and all those showing an interest especially for the art conteporanea.

Lucca, Piazza San Matteo 3.


Association which was established initially in order to retrieve a marble quarry in the town of Screeners. This is Cava Borella, today prorio become famous thanks to these studies that have made it one of the most interesting of contemporary art. A 1200 meters by reducing, after a marble mel about thirty minutes, every summer you can attending one of the most beautiful shows that art and nature, merging, we can give. tel. 0583.62122 - 0583.359105

Centro Studi about Licia and Carlo L. Ragghianti

Born in 1980, dopoch? spouses donate to the Ragghianti Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca their library and archive them. It deals mainly of art history and inside you can admire paintings, graphics, designs, but also a series of sculptures. Today the Foundation is also promoting event of great cultural significance.

Lucca, via S. Micheletto 3.

Associazione Culturale Flash Gordon

For years now, during the event Lucca Comics and Game, the organization promotes Lucca Cosplay and Cosplay Winter Festival, where they are interesting additions between music and Cosplay. During the events not only can be closer in a manner agreeable to the world of comics, but in the latter period, to encourage children and adolescents, the association thought, in collaboration with the Joint Capannori to promote a competition of cartoons.

Lucca, via the Cavallerizza 11.