In between Holiday Theater and musical performances in Lucca!

To spend a few hours in the company of good music and theater of a certain thickness, here are the theaters that have made great season Lucca!

Teatro del Giglio

Besides being the oldest of Lucca is also the most famous. Equipped with a style that recalls the era very French in it we can find delicious decorations. Thanks to its structure well Consolidated ilteatro lends itself very well to opera performances and a certain level scenic. In addition to the orchestra pit with independent access that has a capacity of around sixty orchestral inside the theater are a library and a video room of about 40 places where you can review the shows from 1985. The theater is also home to exhibitions and manifetsazioni gender differently even if you normally celebrate it big operas and classical concerts.

Piazza del Giglio 13 Lucca Tel 0583 46531

Teatro di San Girolamo

Dini recently renovated by the theater is located at attacccato stage of the theater of the Giglio on the right. Inside are about 174 seats and is interesting to know that the strtuttura was derived from a Jesuit church of St. Jerome.

Via San Girolamo Lucca Tel 0583-46531

Auditorium of Suffrage

The last renovation took place in 2001.
Piazza del Suffragio, Lucca Tel 0583-442291

Teatro Comunale Academic

After the state of degradation to which it was left, the theater was only restored in 1980 by dell'archittetto Gambogi. Now a fairly standard and hosts especially comedies and opera performances.

Via Umberto I, 55022 Bagni di Lucca Tel 0583-867715

Theater of Different

Thanks at the Town of Barga, the theater was restored at around 1985 dopoch? nell'82 had been closed for the conditions unusable. Today hosts interesting seasons of prose.

Via di Mezzo 45, 55051 Barga Tel 0583-724505

Theater Rassicurati

Over the years it has hosted big names including that of the same Puccini. It was then closed again for safety problems and only in 1944 was reopened. Inside the theater took off even a school of acting.

Via Carmignani 14, 55015 Monaco Tel 0583-22517

Theater of Glass

Given the smaller theater in the world, over the years has always been a huge success. He has seen the triumph of the great seasons of prose and poetry and today is back to being active in 2002 after the last restoration work.

Location Carrying 55,060-Glass Pescaglia Tel 0583-358118

Theater dell'Olivo

Returning popular in 2003, when other hosted a show dedicated to Giorgio Gaber, Camaiore to be without doubt the oldest theater in the province.

Via Vittorio Emanuele Camaiore 55041 Tel 0584-986334

Teatro Politeama

In the past has hosted works by Puccini, today, after the last retsauro 200 is a modern theater vanguard. Hosts each have a theatrical season that goes from a prose comedy lla to leave room for satire during the period of Carnival.

Corrado along Wharf of 55,049 Greek Viareggio Tel 0584-962035