Companies Reported to Lucca

Besides being a city of art and rich history, Lucca is also a city full of farms, businesses and activities of various kinds. Fast growing companies that comtribuiscono the growth of the city. You'll present a few.

Dentists in Tuscany

Dentist Pietrasanta - Boggiano Corsetti Looking for a dentist in Pietrasanta ? The dental clinic Boggiano Corsetti takes care of health, wellness and beauty of the smile of its customers.

The study makes use of medical specialists and cutting-edge equipment and innovative techniques to ensure maximum assistance to the studio for each type of intervention.


The dental clinic Boggiano Corsetti is responsible for:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry: whitening, esthetic restorations, rehabilitative dentistry, restorative dentistry.
  • Rehabilitative Dentistry: Implant, Periodontics, Sedation.
  • Conservative Dentistry: desensitization, endodontics, sealing, oral hygiene.
  • Treatments: sedation, orthodontics, laser therapy, bruxism.

Studio Boggiano Corsetti
Via Aurelia Nord, 25
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Tel +39 (0584) 791922 - also open on Saturday

Agencies Investigative

Falcon Detective Agency - Vip Security and investigative services to Pisa, in Italy and abroad.

Falco Investigations - VIP Security, private investigations and corporate Falco Investigations Agency, in the person of John Scorza, was born in 2002. His great experience in the field, enabling it to operate with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, thanks to highly trained and competent personnel, including former members of law enforcement.

Falco Investigations are occpua of: VIP Security, private investigators and corporate services shoplifting, research, and tracing missing people in Italy and abroad, preventive services and investigation against theft, porter service and more.

Falco Investigations
Via Bargagna, 60 to 56,124
Pisa (PI)
Tel +39 347-6529029, +39 339-1481772 Phone Car

Architects in Tuscany

Architect in Forte dei Marmi - Grazia Liretti If you are looking for an architect in Forte dei Marmi Grazia Liretti specializes in the renovation of houses, public buildings and private, historic and religious buildings, interior design, loft apartments and prestigious. The architect Grace Liretti collaborates with professionals and is able to offer its experience following step by step from design to construction of the house of your dreams.

The Study of Architecture is Liretti Grace deals:

Architect Grace Liretti
Via G. Monti, 6
55042, Forte dei Marmi (LU)
Tel +39 (335) 5900478