Parking spaces in Lucca

As for the free parking we have to specify who are in more outside the walls of the city. I am well connected with the Old Town thanks to efficient service shuttle bus that the municipality provides to enable tourists to reach the city.

The parking fee, which will give track below, are managed by the company POLIS spa, the where you can go at any time to obtain all the information you need.
San Filippo, Via del Tigli 957, Lucca
Tel 0583-492255

Park Mazzini

Located in the historic center of Lucca and is composed of 290 cars. E 'open daily 24 hours and has both a cash open from 8:00 to 20:00 is an automatic cash. The daily rate is Eur 0.50 per hour, while the night rate is at 1.00 DKK (60 min). You can make payments in cash, cash, credit card or prepaid card. C 'is the possibility of subscriptions with different costs for residents in Old Town. The parking remains video 24h.

Park Lorenzini

Located in Old Town, is composed of 117 cars. The fund is open from 8:00 to 20:00, then you Can I pay by cash automatic. The minimum fee is DKK 2.00 per hour, 3 hours are for Eur 4.00 and later will pay just 2.00 euros now, or part thereof. Even here you can make payments with cash, credit card or prepaid card, and may require monthly subscriptions. Possible rental bicycles.

Citadel Park

Old Town. Equipped with 106 seats, cash open from 8:00 to 20:00 and Automatic cash. The vannno rates by 2.00 per euro, 4.00 euro for three hours at the expiry of which the rate again to 2.00 euro per hour or part thereof. Payments are made with cash, credit card and prepaid card. Can not be issued passes and there is the possibility of renting a bike.

Park Carducci

Located on the ring has 600 well-cars. The fund is open from 8:00 to 20:00, with the possibility of Automatic cash. The rates are 1.00 euros a time and remain unchanged is the day that night. It may issue subscriptions and rent bicycles. Parking is costudito and night and VCRs. In most people's free for 4 tickets per Clap shuttle n.19.

Park Palatucci

Located on the ring and consists of 753 cars. For this property the same rates, the same procedures for payment and the same cl?usula Park Carducci.

Park Via dei Bacchettoni

It is located in Old Town and has 228 posti.I payments are made through the parcometro with banknotes, coins or prepaid card. The fare is EUR 0.50 per hour and remains unchanged even at night. The structure is incostudita, no VCR and no possibility of subscription.

Corso Garibaldi Park

Old Town, parking 58. Pay with parcometro with prpegata card, coins or benconote. The minimum fee is DKK 0.50 for thirty minutes, one hour is Eur 1.00. You can not make passes, parking is not costodito and there is no bike rental.

Park Via del ballon

Area and Old Town, has 67 cars and the minimum rate is 0.50 eur for thirty minutes to 1.00 eur per hour. Payment by parcometro not costudito not monitored and any type of subscription.

Recall also that are present on the entire territory of Lucca province and services buses and shuttles that can reach the center or move easily between the towns of the province. Since 2005, in the town of Lucca, the aziendie Clap and carry out Lazzi along the transport service under the name of VAIBUS.

The company is based in VAIBUS Viale Luporini, 895 - Lucca
Tel. 0583 541239 - Fax.0583 541,240

Schedules, fares, regulations or else information can be found at the site