Holidays in Lucca ... discover the Fairs and Events!

Lucca is a city that has always been different alternatives to spend a little time off during your holidays in Tuscany .

Lucca proposes manifetsazioni musical high-level exhibitions in which you can find all kinds of local manufacture and artistic events that annually draw thousands of visitors.

September Lucchese

Each year in September the town of Lucca is organizing this event which has become the symbol of the city and attracts thousands of tourists. For the whole month is Lucca hosts cultural events, religious, fairs, markets and trade fairs. In Piazza San Michele, for example, for the duration of the event there is a market where you can find different stand with the typical products of the place. The main event of September Lucca is the evocative celebration of the Holy Cross during which the service is traditional Luminara St. Cross, in honor of the Holy Face. A long procession which take the civil and religious authorities, the same people and personalities as crossbowmen folk masks and medieval. The procession will then conclude with fireworks.

Remember the huge playground that is located on the outskirts of Lucca for the duration of the event.

Lucca Comics and Games

Every year in November opens the doors of a manifastazioni that attracts more visitors to Lucca. This is the Fair Comics where for four consecutive days, exhibited the work of the greatest Italian and Ariti not. You can find all the latest news from the field and in the exhibition organized several contests and competitions to ensure that children are put to the test in this area. Inside is a space dedicated to Junior smaller. A world of cartoonists, publishers, authors of games that feel the need to stimulate the creativity of children through the unique and stravangante world of comics.

Feast of Santa Zita

It generally takes in April in the characteristic Piazza dell'Anfiteatro in Lucca. This is a manifestazinoe whose central theme is indeed flowers and plants. Striking fact is precisely the balconies of the square which is adorned with colorful flowers, not to mention the windows of stores that are to be decorated. During this event many of the most notorious of the province nurserymen involved exposing their plants to sell at a very advantageous price.

Festa di San Paolino

To celebrate the patron saint and first bishop of Lucca, in July held at night, the Palio della Balestra, during which twelve crossbowmen compete trying to hit the "Brocco", following the rules written in an ancient document of 1443.
Before the various challenges, opens for a historical event with hundreds of people who parade with costumes for lit streets.

Summer Festival

Now in its tenth edition in 2007, this is one of the most popular musical events in Tuscany. It is held every year in summer, the concerts generally are held in Piazza Napoleone, if the guest draws more fans, Lucca makes provisions stage (see George Maicol concert). Important dates of the season which sees Lucca musical each year perform the best Italian singers and foreigners.

Lucca Preziosa

E 'perhaps the most European manifetsazione most prestigious jewel dedicated to contemporary research. Came in its third edition, the exhibition has also reached this year in Barcelona where it was exhibited at the Museum Textil. Then arrive in Monaco in fabbraio to return to where Lucca in spring this year, being the year Puccini, we try to give relief to him that is so quetsa been linked to the city.

Lucca in music

Event sponsored by 'Music Association Lucchese and the Teatro del Giglio, Lucca led in recent years the biggest players in the classical music scene. With the opening of the regular season around the month of September, the exhibition closes its doors in December with the Christmas concert at the Basilica of San Frediano.

Lucca digital photo fest

International Festival of Digital Photography which is held every year at Lucca between November and December. With thousands of visitors this is one of the most anticipated and important in the panorama of Italian photography.

Approved by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and the Provincia di Lucca, the exhibition provides exhibitions located in the most evocative of the city.

Cartasi 2007, International Paper Festival

In the towns of Lucca, Capannori, Porcari and Villa Basilica, throughout the month of September, was held to review the European Union on paper. With particular attention to the possible use and recycling of paper, the exhibition has seen the unfolding of an international sculpture and installations of paper and paperboard. It was a set of performances, exhibitions and photo galleries that have affected the towns mentioned above and which was attended by Italian and international artists using only paper and cardboard.