Holidays in Lucca ... Excursions outside the city!

Interesting itineraries for tourists who want to discover the small medieval villages and municipalities around the city!

1 'route-"The Garfagnana"

Following the Serchio and climbing towards the outskirts of Lucca is reached in Garfagnana, a territory rich in forests where not certain the story is missing; Garfagnana fact is an area documented since the Middle Ages.

Better to visit all or most of this territory, it is desirable to have a car because the area is a long road along which are all small municipalities.
In the area of Colognora Pescaglia normal '> is worth visiting the Museo del Castagno, where they witness the techniques of manufacture and exploitation of chestnut that is precisely been a major source of the area. A Camporigiano is interesting to observe the fifteenth feature Rocca, while Coreglia Antelminelli is significant Figurina Museum of Gypsum and 'Emigration, where they collected the statuettes that allowed migrants to the livelihood in a very socio-economic disadvantage.
A San Pellegrino in Alpe style = 'font-weight: normal'> you can visit the Museum of Ethnography Don Luigi Pellegrini, who collects evidence of tools and gear to work in rural civilization 'Tosco-Emiliano Apennines. This place, which reaches about 1600 meters' height, offers one of the most visual characteristics of Garfagnana with Casone of Profecchia and Step roots.

2 'route-"The way Francigena"

Interesting journey along the road that marked the economic traffic across the province of Lucca and that has helped to give the city great wealth and prosperity.

Fulcrum of this journey is without doubt the area of Montemagno, not just seat of the hospital of San Michele, but also the center of trade between the area of Lucca and the whole territory of Versilia with which it carried out trade.
In the nearby area of Pieve Elici is appropriate to visit the Church of Saint Pantaleon and the medieval castle. The presence of another medieval castle is also adjacent town rails, after which Continuing in the direction of Camaiore that reaches Valdicastello in the town of Pietrasanta known to the ancient church of Saints John and Felicity.

3 'route-"Path of Resistance"

This is a recommended itinerary for those who want to deepen their knowledge about the historical period of the Second World War and find out how qusti small towns have contributed to our liberation.

The most interesting are Farneta between Quiesa and Compignano, where there is a place inhabited by monks and in 1944 was subject to a horrible massacre lost their lives where a dozen members of this coun including Prior. These were the fault of having hidden Jews and have given food to civilians.
A Bagni di Lucca instead in those years was built a concentration camp while Fornoli you can see the monument dedicated the girl deported.
Put to the territory versilese milestone lap dedicated to the resistance is undoubtedly Sant'Anna di Stazzema. Here is the Historical Museum of the Resistance that through an important historical material we documented in detail the stages of massacre in 1944 that was the scene dell'eccidio of 560 men at the hands of the Nazis.