In the relaxed holiday ... Terme di Lucca!

The province of Lucca does not have a substantial number of spas. In the territory of Bagni di Lucca, however, is a well known spa and appreciated by thousands of people annually spend some 'of their time of relaxation complete.


Notes from the time of the Etruscans These spas have become famous because people stayed there as Byron important, Paganini, Carducci and Montale and many other personalities known throughout Europe
It is divided into two spas: Terme Jean Varraud Bocelli and House, where there are professionals specializing in the treatment of Arthro-rheumatic disorders, vascular and broncopneumopatiche. Add also two caves, the Pauline latest cave, a natural steam with a temperature of about 45 degrees.
In this spa you can also enjoy any kind of welfare program to tone, purify and relax the body. Mud, massages and treatments based oils and creams for your body to give valuable substances.
Thanks to its waters bicarbonate calcium sulfate and benefits they contain makes it can cure various diseases such as obesity, raspiratorio diseases, silicosis and reniti allergies.
Piazza S. Martino 55,021