Holidays in Garfagnana!

It 'a region that is located in the province of Lucca and is between the Alps el'Appennino Tosco Emiliano. Crossed the river Serchio costituiata is for the most part by an extensive network of woods and small villages.

The center is Castelnuovo Garfagnana which is then joined the common Camporigiano, Castiglione, Minucciano, Gallicano, Piazza al Serchio, Pieve Fosciana and Villa Colemandina.

Castelnuovo Garfagnana

It 'the real heart of Garfagnana, has a population of about 6060 inhabitants and its fractions are: Antisciana, Cerretoli, Colle, Gragnanella, La Cross, Metellus, Monteperpoli, Monterotondo, Pallerososo, ront and Stazzana.

The particularity of this place is being divided into "districts" of some ancient Construction, other more recent but well attached to those more old.

  • District Center: This is part of the entire fortified village, Perg interesting is where are some of the most distinctive monuments in the town as the Ariostesca Rocca, the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and the Palazzo Comunale.
  • District Saint Lucia: Miccia goes from Porta a Porta di Castruccio. Inside are the Teatro Comunale "Vittorio Alfieri" and the "Convent St. Francis. "
  • San Antonio district where it is the church of San Antonio.
  • District of Madonna: Home to the Church of the Blessed Virgin and embraces the path of boats, which feature bia form groove.
  • District of the Crucified remain today only a few elements that stand the existence of an ancient church, the Church of the Crucified.
  • Charles S. District: where is the eponymous oratorio.
  • District Tower: a part of Castelnuovo.
  • Santa Maria District: a purely residential, is of recent construction.


"Lake Screeners"

Perhaps not everyone knows that under Lake Screeners, in Lucca, more precisely in Garfagnana, is a small country.

Once fact, in this great valley, Some craftsmen had built a small factory, Careggine factory where they worked and the marble of them a little, given the prosperity that they obtain, it was built around a small community.

In 1953 the village was submerged by the dam of Lake Screeners, but every ten years, because of maintenance work, it is emptied and millions of visitors flock to enjoy the spectacle of the town reemerged.

If you are a switch from Castelnuovo not miss this historical wonders!

"Rocca Aristotesca" "

Located in Central Piazza Umberto I and is so named because it housed, in the role of governor of the province Este, the famous poet Ludovico Ariosto. The fortress was enlarged by Castruccio Castracani while Paul ordered the construction Guinigi the imposing tower with a clock that caratterizza.Oggi is used for cultural events and exhibitions. In most houses the Archaeological Museum, where there are numerous exhibits and evidence of prehistoric and Etruscan period of Garfagnana.

"Teatro Comunale Vittorio Alfieri"

Theater of great prestige in the province of Lucca, only second to the Teatro del Giglio boasts about 500 seats. Un'archittettura presents very similar to theater Lucca, the works paintings inside have been designed by David Franchi.Dopo be closed for several restorations in 2006 was reopened inaugurated de conductor of a symphony concert Regional Tuscany.

"Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul"

Rebuilt in the XI century on the ruins of a pre-existing Roman church over the years has been subject to several changes decorative. The restoration took place after the Second World War but they let himself more antiche.Al are kept inside a frame attached to a marble workshop of Civitali, a painting depicting the Madonna with saints, "while the" Black Christ "is preserved today Nela Chapel of St. Joseph.

Markets and Fairs:

Every Thursday morning held the typical market for banquets, which draws some medieval atmosphere, where, as they were a time, merchants of neighboring areas flock to sell products typical of these ancient villages.

Every first Sunday of the month is keeping the market del'antiquariato.

Hotels and Bed and Breakfast:

Any advice on where to spend your holidays!

The lantern

New construction just minutes from the historic center

Locanda L'Aquila d'Oro

A few steps from

Isola Santa