Economy of the province of Lucca

The economic system in the province of Lucca is without doubt one of the most significant of all of Tuscany, using various fields every year increases years by far the economy dela region.

They are more precisely the Industrial sector (paper, marine, mechanical, chemical and pharmaceutical) and Tourism (bathing facilities, hotels, restaurants, clubs).
The Lucca is also known for other services ranging from flowers to local products (oil, wine).
Regarding the cultural aspect then, Lucca, with its cultural heritage and landscape is synonymous with history and benesserere environmental and remains one of the favorite destinations for tourists from all over the world.
The main areas that make up the economic aspect of the Lucchese proincia are:


For many years the paper industry is one of the key pillars for the economy of the city and its entire province. Started back in 1300, the rise of the paper has not stopped more and went to cover areas such as Lucca, Bathgate, Pescia, Capannori, Porcari and Castelnuovo Garfagnana.
Currently Industry paper / cardboard is composed of large belonging mainly to large groups of local production of tissue, also makes use of multinationals in the field of corrugated cardboard and small and medium-sized family-run in the paper.
The paper Lucchese work more in EU countries, notably Germany, Spain and France. For exports to outside the European community stands out Europe, Asia, Middle East and Switzerland.
As regards imports, however, ranging from the U.S. to Germany for the paper, while the European Union and on a smaller U.S. pulp and kraft paper.


Traces of field stone can be found throughout the Apuo-Versiliese territory, particularly in the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara. About 1030 companies operating in the area now counting on an extensive network of about 150 quarries. Thanks to these complex highly specialized in processing of marble, our businesses are included among the leaders in a market that now is constantly evolving.
To expand all industries in the sector have considered should promote various events such as:
Fairs and foreign trade: to participate in sector fairs, an international organization and promotion abroad.
Promotion and Information: Not only through illustrations but also with cd-rom.
Telematic services
Help and advice
Not least is Interestingly, the marble industry is of major importance including art, with particular reference to the territory of Pietrasanta. The town is precisely because of its proximity to the cave over the centuries has seen a series of important artists, mostly sculptors, like Fernando Botero, Ponzalo Fonseca, Igor Mitoraj and Francesco Messina who have left the city in their work.


The production system Naval Versilia now includes the municipalities of Viareggio, Massarosa, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Seravezza and Stazzema.

Factors such as favorable geographical position, the high quality of most yards ever, the presence of a highly skilled workforce, the continuing exchange with the marine areas worldwide, have enabled this production complex to ensure a prestigious brand is recognized at international level.
The functionality of this giant production is given by different factors working together such as design studies (designers, architects, designers), yards (processing industry, of fiberglass, wood) systems, engines and propulsion systems. Besides these, which cover most of the stage design and construction, the system nautical Versilia offers its customers a range of important services such as boat maintenance, storage services, certification and licenses marine, transport and exceptional nautical tourism.
Among the most important sites in the territory of Lucca include spa Azimut Benetti Viareggio, Viareggio, Codecasa three spa Viareggio, Italy Fipa yachts srl Massarosa, Perini Navi spa Viareggio. Prorio they are, thanks to their undisputed professionalism, which made the Versilia famous throughout the world.
To ensure you are always in step with the times, have gone to constitute the territory associations, institutions and public schools that shed light on the latest innovations and technologies in order to train professionals able to respond to new demands sector.
This is the secondary school based in Viareggio, Port area, and aims to train the young Commanders and officers of the Merchant Marine.
The courses have a duration of five years and boys can choose between the addresses:
Captains Long Course
Directors of Machine
Constructors Navali
Regarding the last address it is active only in cionque institutes including that of Viareggio.
Educational program established by the chamber of commerce in Lucca in collaboration with the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca. It aims to train professionals in the field of boating and activities related to it.
Town of Viareggio and FORGE (yards associations and companies operating in the marine carryover) offer training programs to outline what the major needs in the field.
LUCCA Assonautica-VERSILIA - National Association for the marine carryover
Courses for licenses for ships sailing from carryover advice to graduates of the University of Pisa and professional courses for tour operators watercraft.


Lucca footwear companies have begun expanding the lore from the'50s. But right now felt the need for a high proportion that has brought the shoe factories to look outside thus creating an integration between different land. This has enabled the province of Lucca a 'strong growth in the area but was consolidated into two very specific areas: the plain of Lucca, in particular Capannori and its Versiliese with Viareggio, Camaiore and Massarosa.
The system consists of Lucca footwear today more than 640 enterprises and employment of about 3,000 people who complete all phases that make up the chain.
Several are the strengths of the footwear market Lucca, first of all a strong roots with the surrounding area, followed by the attention that they turn to the international market, the ability to relate with clients and a highly skilled workforce.
Prepared to support a large demand it is estimated that on average produces about 18 million shoes year, mainly walking shoes for women and children.
The system consists fustellifici, tanneries and aggiunterie involved in the internal activities such as research and development, assembly, finishing and cutting of leather.
The high professionalism of all those working in this field has led companies to Lucca to join some projects for the preservation Environment:
  • Project CERTAIN GESTA (Certification and Environmental Management Agenda 21 Lucca).
  • HYDROSHOE project to apply technology to painting and gluing without chemical solvents
  • PIONEER project (Community Program Life-Environment).


Lucca, as indeed his whole province, is synonym of good eating. On the whole it is possible to taste typical products of Tuscany.
The culinary art in this area is an asset that attracts major tourists from everywhere. Immersed in art, in small towns and green expanses is beautiful groped let the flavors of these lands.
Then let us not forget the wine that besides being a strength for the economy province, together oil, is much appreciated when it is accompanied with dishes Nostrana.
In particular in the municipalities of Monte Carlo and Camaiore are held every year, "Roads of Wine", events during which you can turn cellar in the basement wine tasting varieties of each region, particularly in the areas closest to us like Chianti, Montepulciano and Montalcino.
The bruschetta, bread slice of home-hot oil and seasoned with tomato.
The panzanella, old summer salad with stale bread, olive oil, onion, basil, salt and vinegar.
The farro soup, prepared with wheat farro, cooked in broth beans, vegetables and bacon.

The "Buccellato di Lucca," sweet old Lucca ..
The "Necci with ricotta, fritters chestnut flour.

The "Chestnut", cake flour chestnuts, cooked in the oven and decorated with pine nuts



Tourism is another of the key areas of the province of Lucca. The attraction is the fact that the province is divided so that they can offer to tourists, within a short radius, the possibility to choose between sea and mountains.
As for the sea, the province offers a coastline that stretches for more than 30 km, along which are not only beaches but private also, for those who want to do less extensive, wide open spaces with beaches. In addition to this in Versilia are a number of hotels, restaurants and bed and breckfast. Then there is no lack of local entertainment, fairs, festivals and music events can say without doubt that the Versilia is the temple of wellbeing.
What makes all this even more appealing is that few kilometers, the mountain lovers, there are the hills of Lucca. Places immersed in the greenery and nature, medieval villages, a mix of history and prosperity for all who want to disconnect from the chaos of the city.
Even here there is no shortage of entertainment, interesting wine and food are the routes, organized trips, fairs and festivals.


The cultural activities Lucca is certainly of fundamental importance as regards the economy of the province. The high number of works of art, magnificent churches, museums, the walls, ancient history recall every year an unlimited number of tourists from around the world.
The cultural diffusion but is not limited only to the large theater seasons, ranging from drama to prose (Teatro Comunale of Reassured, Monte Carlo and Teatro di Pietrasanta), from classical performances to more modern (and the importance Jenco Theater in Viareggio), through music and dance (Teatro del Giglio in Lucca).
For music lovers, however Lucca has been the scene of one of the most important Italian events as the "Summer Festival" which houses Italian and international artists. The Citadel of the Carnival of Viareggio offers, in addition to countless concerts, theatrical performances outdoors. For lovers of the musical instead Versiliana in Forte dei Marmi organizes programs by not losing, it is also the scene of meetings and cultural exchanges.


The sector oil and wine in the province of Lucca interests the area between the hills of Lucca and Monte Carlo.
The tradition of wine in this area dates back to the Middle Ages and is documented negliscritti. Federico Melis, a professor and researcher, has estimated that between'400 and'500 Montecarlo already boasted a trade advantage.
Today the Red wines like Sangiovese, Merlot Blanc, Vermentino, the Sauvignon and Vin Santo are in the cards of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.
The areas where the wines are produced are indeed throughout the town of Montecarlo, Bathgate, Capannori and Porcari.
Especially relevant is also the market of ever by the Lucca.
His origni date back many years ago, around the middle of '400 When Liol? was already considered a source of wealth proimaria to humans.
Today HILLS OF EXTRA OIL brings over LUCCHESE the IGP (ATA eografica G P rotetta) even the PDO (D ITLE O P rotetta ly), referring only to olive-growing companies operating in the province of Lucca, thus giving it a 'Importance and international interest.
A mark as Bertolli, born in the hills around Lucca 1865, is the answer to the world that this market has taken over the years.
The "Wine Route" is a tourist route that annually draws thousands of visitors. Through the historic villas, small towns will be value to DOC wines and oils PDO in the province of Lucca, accompanying them with typical culinary products and the environmental wonders that surround these places.
From the hills of Lucca, passing through S. Gennaro, to Altopascio a way to spread knowledge of these great products in a location where art and nature come together in an extraordinary atmosphere.
Oil and Wine posoono be purchased at dirrettamente companies that produce them, as well as on the market, or at rural houses and cellars.
Some companies where you can buy:
  • "The Hill" by Carlo Alberto and Montrasio-off bar 153 Porcari.
  • "The crumble" Dear Angela-off Michelotti 43, Montecarlo.
  • Angela farm Nelli-off Arsine 1070, Lucca.
  • "Belvedere" of Alfiero Fantozzi-loc.Cercatoia, Monte Carlo.
  • Bourbon-farm via S, Joseph 12, Montecarlo.