Città di Lucca

In Lucca ... Holiday Tours in the city!


A path to admire the beauties kept between domestic law of the city.

  • We can start our journey from St. Paulinus, where we meet immediately the church.
  • After crossing the alley S. Pietrino arrive in Via Vittorio Emanuele, the walk a few meters and arrive in Piazza San Romano, where it is interesting to visit the Museum of Comics. Moving on to Via Vittorio Veneto arrive in Piazza Napoleone and find the Palazzo Ducale.
  • Continuing on our path then we come in Piazza del Giglio, will later Piazza San Giusto up to the most famous piazza San Martino seat of the great cathedral of St. Martin where still lies the Holy Face.
  • Back, at dell'Archivescovato away, take Via del Giardino Botanico at the end of which we face the huge gate that guards the Botanical Garden, which deserves a visit. Taking off Dell 'Guardian Angel Palazzo Guinigi meet with the note Guinigi Torre.
  • After Piazza San Pietro Somaldi arrive in Via Fillungo that is perhaps the most famous of Lucca with its countless shops antiche.Percorrendola up at the bottom will dell'Anfiteatro Square, the magnificent square, which today is home to theatrical and musical events.
  • Back by Fillungo and come to visit Piazza San Frediano, with its picturesque Church.
  • After re-again off Fillungo arrive in Piazza San Michael and visit one of the most famous of the city.

Once visited the square back by S. Paolino.


  • Starting from the bastion of San Donato, in the short time we come onto that runs across the walls.
  • Continuing we come to another bastion, that of Santa Croce that leads us directly to an enlargement of walls where there is Piazzale St. Frade, where you can see the Church of San Frediano and the peaks of the mountains behind Lucca.
  • At this point we have to leave lu walls and get to a ramp that leads us to Porta dell'Angelo.
  • Arrived on the asphalt road because we continue Tinivella, following a small path for about twenty meters then we come towards the river Serchio along in a pedal relaxing in nature and the noise of the water.
  • Crossed Mount San Quirico, with a stop due to the extraordinary view that there ragala, back through Porta Santa Maria, so returning to town.
  • Up the walls and move on to the ramparts of St. Peter and St. Savior. Here you can enjoy a spectacular view and we can lie down in rialassare extensive public gardens.
  • At the bulwark of Liberty, later, you can watch the lush Botanical dell'Orto vegetations.
Between the tops of trees imposing finally see the majesty of the cathedral.

THIRD TOUR - "Located in a green"

For tourists who like to walk between the nature!

Lake Massaciuccoli

A few kilometers from the city extends this impressive lake, interesting not only from an ecological point of view but also historical. In order to take maximum wealth animal and plant that inhabits this distresa water should make a boat trip which is made available so that visitors can observe up close and countless species that characterize this reserve natural. It is home to more than two hundred species of birds, not to mention the rare plant species and archaeological excavations that have unearthed ancient Roman ruins. They are also allowed visits to the museum for The Ecology of the Swamp.
Leaving the boat from Torre del Lago.

Migliarino Nature Park, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli

From Torre del Lago until Livorno extends this fantastic natural park. E 'can make excursions in this enchanted place where human intervention has never been allowed. Within a dense forest with plants and animals remained intact over time, you can make long walks, strictly in Ripetta up an environment which, although with difficulty, has ammantenere intact its fisioniomia.
The park then faces the sea, where a long stretch of sand is not built, is the contour to the magnificent forest.

Park dell'Orecchiella

Surrounded by the Alps and dall'Appennino Toscano this is one of the parks worth visiting. Inside we see a significant natural heritage both in terms of varied vegetation, but especially for the rich fauna that marks.
The visitors in fact during their journey to see wild boar and deer, hear the Howl from Beyond the Apennine wolf, in short, may come into contact with all those species that fantastic in this park can survive.
The construction dell'Orecchiella is divided into three nature reserves, "the Orecchiella", "Pania of the Corfino" and "Red Lama", and hosts an interesting garden botanist.
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