And pizza restaurants in Lucca, a tasty guide for tourists!

Holidays in Lucca, savors the taste of typical Tuscan cuisine!

Osteria of the "Old Crazy"

Here you can enjoy the typical cuisine of Lucca in a very caratteristico.Il restaurant also has an outdoor garden and offers the possibility of organizing events such as weddings, communions and dinners.

Via di Matraia, San Pancrazio-55100 Lucca Tel 0583-579131

Restaurant "Don Quixote"

In addition to offering a refined cuisine, with its authentic dishes, this restaurant is also lounge bar and after dinner you can enjoy a drink accompanied by some 'good music in the background.

Via del Suffragio 7, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-495525

Restaurant "La Giorgia"

Since 1900 guarantees an impeccable culinary its customers. Ideal for those who want to discover the tastes and flavors typical of this city and the whole Tuscany in general.

Via Pisana 2467, Fagnano Lucca Tel 0583-510041

Restaurant "The Mecenate"

In the green hills of Lucca is this exclusive restaurant where you can enjoy authentic dishes, accompanied by a wide range of cheese and salami from Tuscany. Pasta and homemade cakes and a well-stocked cellar are only some of delicacies that you can find in this restaurant.

Via della Chiesa, Gattaiola (LU) Tel 0583-512167

"Antica Locanda dell'Angelo"

Feature cuisine that pays attention to products typical of Lucca. It has a sophisticated cellar, a large courtyard and rooms furnished in a style archittettonico referring to the middle ages.

Via Pescheria 21 - 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-467711

Restaurant "Damiani"

E 'one of the most prestigious restaurants in the area. Porta table in the refined taste of Italian culinary tradition by giving greater prominence to the flat sea. Each day the chef prepares his dishes with the fish frasco arriving on time from Viareggio. Everything on a cellar that contains the best Italian wines and not. A mix of elegance, simplicity and relaxation is what gives you this temple of good eating Lucca.

Viale Europa, San Concordio Lucca Tel 0583-583416

Pizzeria "The Gardens"

Via Elisa 17, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-958037

Pizzeria "The Bersaglieri"

Via Vecchia Pisana 2136, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-510758

Pizzeria "Il Corsaro"

Via S. Alessio 3680, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-952676

Pizzeria "La Fornace"

Via del Chiasso Bernardesco, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-994045

Pizzeria Trattoria "Italia"

Court Companions 2, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-493012

Pizzeria "Uncle Jo"

Via Borgo Giannotti 19, 55100 Lucca Tel 0583-370969