Cinema and Bowling Lucca

All the programs under way at the site you can find

Cinema Square Arena Guidiccioni

Piazza Guidiccioni, Lucca
0583 -53,484 ph

Astra Cinema

Piazza del Giglio, Lucca
Tel 0583-496480

Central Cinema

Via Poggio, 36 Lucca
Tel 0583-55405

Cinema Circle Cinema

Via della Cavallerizza, Lucca

Cinema Italy

Via del Biscione, 32 Lucca
Tel 0583-467264

Modern Cinema

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, Lucca
Tel 0583-53484

National Cinema

Piazza Verdi, 3 Lucca
Tel 0583-53435

To be informed about the programs underway throughout the province of Lucca you can connect to the site and seek the common interests you

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Bowling Palasporting Lucca srl

Viale Corsica, Lucca