On-line services in Lucca

Libraries in Lucca

State and municipal libraries in the area of Lucca and province.

State Library

Via Santa Maria Corteorlandini, Lucca Tel 0583-491271

Library Cultural Center Agora

Piazza dei Servi, Lucca Tel 0583-462373

System Center Librarian of the City of Lucca

Palazzo Ducale, Courtyard of the Swiss Tel 0583-417218

Diocesan Library of Musical R. Baralla

Via dell'Angelo Costude, Lucca Tel 0583-496650

Diocesan Library of Musical Luigi Boccherini

Piazza del Suffragio, Lucca Tel 0583-496660

Library of Technical F. Carrara

Via Marti, Lucca Tel 0583-442190

Library of the International Center for the Study of Urban Cerchia

S. bulwark Pauline area Mura Urbane n'21, Lucca

Library of the National Center for Volunteers

Via A. Catalani, Lucca Tel 0583-419500

Library of Giacomo Puccini Study Center

Teatro del Giglio, Piazza del Giglio, Lucca Tel 0583-469225
www.puccini.it / science / library

Library Center of Popular Traditions

Palazzo Ducale, Piazza Napoleone, Lucca Tel 0583-417297

Library Arcivescovale

Archbishop Via 45, Lucca Tel 0583-452203

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