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In between holiday in Lucca's Entertainment Events tradition!

Guide for tourists to major festivals and traditional events that take place in Lucca!

  • The Court in celebration - Young ... at full speed! Piazza del Mercato, Marlia, Capannori, Lucca
  • Giallorosa feast and the feast of soup frantoiana July Via dei Bocchi c / o Sports Segromigno Plan
  • Festival Beer Municipal Stadium July Chislehurst Tel. 0583/888881
  • Festival Mushroom polenta with Porcine July P.le M. Del Grande, Massa Macinaia
  • Festival of macaroni and grilled July Stadio Comunale di Barga Tel. 0583/711167
  • Sagra village of St. Iacopo July Lombard Street, Lammari
  • Festival of Fine Soup July and early August Aquileia
  • Feast of July Rigatoni Mutigliano
  • Festival of Fish and Potatoes July / August Stadio Comunale di Barga Tel. 0583/
  • Festival Cencio August Altopascio location Marginone 0583/286650
  • Feast of Focaccia Gallicano 0583/7307202347/8148931
  • Macaroni and feast of grilled July Barga 0583/711167
  • Monte Carlo in Monaco September Feast of Montecarlotelefono Municipality: 0583 22971 - fax: 0583 228920th-mail:
  • Festival Ranochiocciola July, Massarosa
  • Festival Pupporina and Tordella July - August Massarosa-Bozzano
  • Liberation Day July-August Massarosa (loc. the Guelfa)
  • Festa del Pesce August Massarosa (loc. the Guelfa)
  • Bruschetta Festival August Massarosa-Quiesa
  • Festival of wooden cases with Mushrooms August-September Massarosa (loc. the Guelfa)
  • Festival of Mondine All weekend of October Massarosa-Bargecchia

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